Friday, April 20, 2018

Repost: Curricullum: Math

I have written extensively about the math curriculum(s) that I use.  I will link those to this post so they are all in one place. If you click on the name of the math program it will take you to the post I have written about that program.

I use ADD (Arithmetic Developed  Daily) to start off math with each child.  It reviews all math skills throughout the year and has daily word problem practice. 

I love my son taking AOPS (The Art Of Problem Solving.)  He continues to enjoy these classes.

My daughter continues to use Teaching Textbooks and really enjoys this program.  She is not a "mathy" person and this works well for her.

This year I have added Singapore Math to the mix.   I really, really like this program.  They have pre-tests to determine the level you should start with.  I highly recommend taking the pre-tests so you will have a successful experience with your child.

My child who is on the Autism Spectrum uses Math U See.   He really likes it and works with a tutor on this program.  It is not my favorite, but it is a good fit for him.

Have a good week,

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Phonics Museum App by Veritas Press year home educating has been rather challenging as we navigate the cancer treatments of our middle son. I have had to use different resources to meet everyone's home education needs.

I tried the Veritas Press App Phonics Museum with my kindergarten son. We have used the app along with the Memoria Press Kindergarten program. For us it has been a great fit. My son has learned to read and I feel like he has had more practice learning to read then he would have had with just our kindergarten program. I could not provide all the support he needed and the app helped me do that.
The app is only available for use with an iPad or iPhone. You can find out more about it here. I bought the one year subscription for $98.99. It is $9.99 for one month or $98.99 for twelve months. I have not seen anything else out there that is a systematic phonics program in an app format (but please let me know if you have).

I feel like this would be good for busy moms who want their students to be able to practice phonics on their own, whose students may need extra practice, and for anyone who uses the Veritas Phonics Museum Program and wants to use the app with it.

I have written customer support before and they have always been very helpful. If you read through the app reviews you will see that the longer you use the app the more data it uses. We have had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times. I am hoping that is something that should will be fixed in the future, but I feel like it was still worth it for our family to use the app. To me the good outweighs that issue.  Our son would not have learned to read as well without it.  I am hoping this might a helpful option for someone else as well. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Repost: Who controls the information?

As the end of the year draws near. . I am often in a quandary as to whether I should finish a textbook.  I found this post in the archives and reposted for me. . I hope it helps you. 

I think in theory most of us know that we are in charge of our home education.  We make plans, we decide what to study, and we tell the textbook what to do.  Well. . most of the time.  Sometimes I think we let the textbook decide what is best for our students.  We let the text decide how many problems our students need to do for mastery of a math concept, we let the text decide what stories are good to read, how much grammar should be included, and when our students should take a test.  In a way we give the text book authority in our lives, and it comes with enough stuff to keep us all busy.

Back in my Reading Masters program  I remember having this discussion with one my professors in our class.  He said that most of us will trust the text book over our ability to teach our students.  We will listen to what it says without questioning.  I was fascinated with that.  I am a rule follower and it is easy for me to follow the rules of the text book.

Knowing this about myself so  I try to modify how I deal with my math texts, and some other ones.

1. In Math if there are too many problems I  have my student do just the even numbered ones or just the odd numbered ones.  Some kids need a great deal of practice in some areas and less in others.  The textbook is just a resource.

2.  I remember that I do not have to do every question, activity, or suggestion in the book.  There is no textbook police.

3.  I do not have to finish the text book.  I remember my first year teaching I thought I did have to finish the Social Studies textbook.  I made sure we covered all 50 states in the text.  If the students wanted to work more on a state I said no . . we must finish all 50.  We trudged through.  I remember telling one of the other 4th grade teachers and she said.  "Wow, really??  We have never finished a text. "  I remember thinking, really??  I appreciated her for her wisdom.

4. Textbooks and books can be wrong. I can disagree with them.

5.  If a students knows the materiel I can have them take an end of the unit test and if they do well skip that section of the text.  Or we can just decide to.

6.  I try to remember that I know my students' needs better than the text.   So do you!

Do you feel the need to follow the text?    Let me know.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Contest: for TWO Amazon cards.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Recently I completed a genetics test and confirmed my English/Irish heritage.  In celebration of my Irish heritage, my wonderful followers, and all things good I want to give away  TWO  $25 Amazon cards!  Hopefully the Luck of the Irish will be with you and you will win!   

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